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About Studio
Sharon Vazana


My name is Sharon and I’m a graphic designer based in Tel-Aviv.
I specialize in web design, identity & branding, print and illustration.
I believe in clean and effective design that is meant to transfare the brand’s message in a smart and simple way.

What I Design

• Branding, logo design, brand’s language 
• Web design, landing pages, apps, UX/UI
• Print design, books, magazines, flyers, B-cards, etc
• Illustrations 


• Strauss Group
• ROI - Schusterman
• Viola Group
• Delta -  FIX
• K-logic
• PlayScape
• Da Osvaldo
• ShrinkMeApp

• The Jewish Agency
• Schweppes
• Groupon
• Canada Israel
• Mako
• Hamitbachon
• New Cognito
• ContentSquare